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5 Killer Mistakes – Part 2

In the last post we covered the first two of the 5 biggest mistakes you can make in dealing with big fish clients. In case you missed it, you can read that blog post here. 5 Killer Mistakes – Part 1 Today we’ll cover the third and fourth ones: Taking on More Than You Can Handle When you take on too much, your business can’t keep up and therefore you can easily lose control of everything and find yourself barely functioning. You want your business to be successful, no doubt, but you need to have a plan for how you

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5 Killer Mistakes – Part 1

There are 5 big mistakes you can make that will kill a deal with a big fish. They are: Not meeting the client’s expectations Mishandling a client crisis Taking on more than you can handle Putting all your eggs in one basket Up cash creek without a paddle Any one or combination of these can not only kill the partnership, but have the ability to take down your company as well. We’re going to take a bit of time to talk about each one of these, in this lesson we’ll cover the first two. Not Meeting Client’s Expectations It’s essential

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Keep Up the Momentum

In the last post we talked about negotiating with your big fish and how to nurture and build on the relationships you are creating. Today we’ll talk about the power your fish has and how to utilize that for your benefit. One of the most important aspects of this is to keep your cheerleader cheering. This refers to the ally you created in the company and who needs to stay loyal to you for you to continue a profitable partnership with your fish. You can keep your champion going by offering or doing a number of things to show appreciation.

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Bring Them Flowers

There are a few things you need to do and consider to prepare for your first face to face meeting: Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the meeting. Anticipate potential concerns from the client. Check to make sure you are completely prepared. Listen more than you talk. Bring support staff with you. Use and respect the clients’ format. Always follow through. Ask for what you need and seal the deal. Simplify your prospects life. Find ways to boost your credibility. Build and nurture relationships. Learn from “no”. Find out what didn’t work so you know how

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Who’s Your MVP?

In the last post I talked about making first contact with your prospective big fish and how to make a positive first impression. Today I’m going to talk about feeling out the personality of your prospective big fish to match the right salesperson to the fish. You need to do this in two steps: Profile your salespeople’s personalities. Match the right salesperson to your target fish. There are essentially three different selling personalities: Sage Pal Pit Bull The Sage This salesperson offers knowledge, experience, comfort and trust. They can make a concerned customer feel at ease. In order to be

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